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Effective ways communication professionals use blogs:

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Perrin said...

In today's technological world, new venues have emerged as an imperative trend of information sharing that cannot be ignored. One such venue is blogging. Everyone from CEOs to employees to citizen journalists and newspapers are chiming in and posting their views. The beauty of blogging is that it allows uninterrupted, collaborative conversations among any and all individuals interested. The future of not only public relations but the way we view all information-sharing techniques is changing. Will you keep up or be left behind?

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Kim Holland said...
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Kim Holland said...

PR, in its purest form, is free advertising. A technological advancement which has a huge affect on public relations is blogging. For example, some believe blogs will soon replace press releases, studies support the advantages of blogs over Web pages, PR agencies have hired bloggers, and PR award nominees include bloggers.

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Casey Westlake said...

Having looked at various blogs ranging in their topics as well as qulaity, I think it's clear there is a message being sent for every issue. In terms of public relations, I think professionals will see blogging as an opportunity to share their thoughts on current events in the media, issues pertaining to their clients and the general idea of public relations practice.

I predict media people to use blogging as a venue for dialogue between professionals as well an extension to people outside of their field. It is a way for individuals (as well as companies) to establish their values and ideas in an open and accessible way. Some posts are as formal as an editorial you would find in the New York Times; others stick to the casual brevity associated with online talk. Regardless of the purpose of one's blog, it is their chance to say what's on their mind and let it be heard. This is just one more notch on the ever growing technology belt.

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Kat said...

The word “blogging” to some creates some unusually twisted faces, followed by comments such as “What’s that,” or “Huh?” But now during the course of this semester, I am no longer one of those uninformed citizens. This new and innovative addition to the technological world is making many changes. Blogging has become a networking tool for every company willing to participate in the latest revolution, giving companies a voice and a chance to tell anything and all. They are modernizing the means of merging the once two separate lives of the business world and personal world together to create one powerful lifestyle.

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Cheryl said...

With technological advancements, the future of public relations is changing drastically. Communication professionals are using blogs as a sounding board for new products, campagins and opinions about this industry. To read more about blogging and PR visit

Sarah Gray said...

In my research I found several key ways PR professionals are using blogs. The first way is network building. Global PR Blog Week contains excellent articles relating to all different aspects of blogs and the public. I have found it is possible to find the “most popular blogs” where the ongoing conversation is made by people worth networking with. Blogs are also used to enhance name brands. I think this is a wonderful idea! If I could read the postings of the maker or CEO of a certain product and find out insider information, I would become a follower. Lastly, blogs create transparency within a company. If all parts of a company always know what is going on within their company, communication lines remain open resulting in less tension. If anyone, right down to the janitor, can have access to what the CEOs thoughts are no one is left in the dark.

Brittany Lucas said...

As technological advances have come about, the public relations industry has had no choice but to make room for various aspects such as blogging. With blogging, PR professionals of any age of status within a corporation may use them for a variety of purposes that have allowed the PR industry to grow and become one of the most connected realms of business. To read more about the ways PR professionals utilize blogs and to read about specific PR professionals' blogs please visit

Diana said...
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Maggie Johnson said...
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Nicole Cerrone said...

It is amazing how fast the use of blogs are spreading. Statistics show over 80,000 blogs are created each day. PR practitioners such as Richard Edelman suggest that blogs are a great new form of communication. CEO's and employees from large organizations are using blogs to express their opinions and ideas.
Tom Murphy's blog suggests how to make your blog successful.
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Ashley Anderson said...

After spending the past two weeks searching, reading, discovering and learning, I now realize that there is a vast online community of professionals who are willing to share their priceless knowledge on the very industry that I am studying. How could I have ever missed that? I found that I really enjoy reading blogs about PR professional’s personal opinions on ethical issues. Their blogs offer a sounding board for people's ideas on current events. I also found that there are many blogs out there that offer insight to the constantly changing world of PR. I look forward to discovering more!

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Maria Sanchez said...
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Caroline Zivley said...

To millions of people around the world the concept of blogging is still like a foreign language. Beginning in late 1997, blogs are currently just passed “get their feet wet” in the communication world. When challenged to make a blog of my own for my Advanced Communications class I was very skeptical. Not only did I not know what I was doing, but my expectations of what blogs could offer the PR world were minimal. However, after plunging myself into the new technology of weblogs I came to realize blogs have many benefits such as a way to express new ideas, a means of get information out quickly and a new resourceful approach to communicating. I can now successfully say I stand behind a blog’s purpose, goals and creativity.

Ashley Whisnant said...

It was interesting to write a paper solely about something that barely existed when I began at SMU. Blogs are such a phenomenon for PR as an industy and communication in general. I enjoyed researching and finding out what people were talking about on their blogs. This class is a perfect way for us to get our feet wet with this new technology, and hopefully, by the end, really get a handle on it. I think this will be a competitive skill to posess come graduation.

Maria Sanchez said...

Since I have a particular interest in nonprofits, I geared my first assignment on how blogs have affected the public relations of the nonprofit sector.

I focused on how large nonprofits and independent consultants use them to fulfill their missions. Unfortunately, I was not able to find many blogs by smaller nonprofits, which I believe would benefit them greatly, especially since it can be so cost efficient.

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Becca Burnitt said...

Several technological advancements have taken place which has shaped Public Relations into the modern industry it is today. Blogging is the fastest growing PR tool and is gaining a considerable amount of attention from Public Relations and Communications agencies as well as several others.

Blogging has made an incredible impact on the Public Relations industry and is rapidly changing the way we communicate with each other. Blogging has allowed PR officials to communicate more effectively with their target audience and has enabled workers to establish a better connection with their company. While many people are worried about the negative attention that can be attracted from blogging, it is a helpful way to share information and ideas with others and also creates many positive results

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Lauren said...

Blogs enable discussions and connections for people throughout the world regardless of age, gender and profession. Thanks to technology today, blogging allows stories to be heard quickly and easily, resulting in discussions with peers and friends alike.

Blogging is a sounding board that allows and empowers people to express their thoughts and feelings towards a certain subject that they might not otherwise be able to have heard.

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Maggie Johnson said...

Whether blogs turn out to be just a trend or stick around as a media outlet, they are currently a buzz in the PR industry. Discussions of hot topics in the business flood PR blogs, but blogging in itself has become a big subject. Any company without one falls behind in the market because blogs are a tool for getting your name or business name out to a huge public. They also give peole the ability to speak their mind and express their opinions. Although it was basically unheard of two years, people must quickly move with technology and learn to blog, or miss out on an amazing PR tool.

Kathleen Falcone said...

The Key to Blogging: a successful balance of verbal communication and technology. After thorough investigation of different blog sites, I must advocate balancing technological advancements with old-fashioned communication skills. While blogs have the capability of uniting individuals across the world for business or personal communication, they also encourage an era that destroys social interaction. As a student interested in a career in Public Relations, I view blogging as an integral and effective communication tool in the industry. It is a fantastic way to network and voice an opinion. With this said, I also feel it necessary to re-emphasize the importance of social aptitude. A new era of technology and communication is here, and it is up to us to sustain our original communication skills.

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Lee Anthony Pace said...

If you surf the internet and haven’t had your head under a rock for the past couple of years, then you must definitely would have heard about blogs (short for web logs), which have been popping up exponentially all over cyberspace.

I enjoy knowing what is going on in the sporting world, the political realm, the war on terror, the economic progress of the United States, and the state of innovation in upcoming revolutionary technologies.

The avenue of blogging has allowed me and other communications professionals to bypass to not only keep our finger on the pulse of the public through blogging but has allowed for the redtape of publishing to be cut.

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Anonymous said...

As a Principal for Corproate Communications at Sabre Holdings, and a member of the CCPA Board of Advisors, I'm thrilled to see you all delving into this subject.

Though I've only skimmed some of the comments here, it looks like Nina has you starting down the right path - which is no surprise.

At my job, I have been tasked to determine how best to use blogs to enhance the company's communications internally and externally. My boss - the SVP of Corporate Communications - has dubbed me our CEO of Corporate Blogging (I'm still waiting to see the details of the C-level compensations package...).

The internal part is really starting to take off. We have an internal blog tool and intranet site open to employees only. Several senior company leaders have starting to blog (I just spent several hours Friday advising another on how to get started and what may or may not be appropriate for the channel). For employee communications, it's a great way for leaders to share, test or reinforce their messages with their teams and the rest of the company. Others have used blogs as collaborative discussion forums... kicking around innovative ideas before deciding whether to pursue development.

Externally, we're still formulating our strategy, but that's coming together quickly.

In this new role for me, I've done a lot of research and even wrote a couple of in-depth articles introducing leaders to blogging and encouraging all employees to consider how a blog might help them in their jobs. If you'd like a copy of any of these articles, please drop me a line at:

And good luck with this very timely and important class.

Best wishes,

David Newsome
SMU '94

Lauren Shults said...

When it comes to blogging, most Americans are perennial beginners, and everyone merrily confesses, "I don’t know anything about blogging." Blogging takes a new twist to the professional world adding a whole new way to communicate with other companies and colleagues. Blogging has become the hot new communication tool within the business world, allowing people to have an edge, a forum, and a voice. Professionals are now able to voice their opinions and give their two cents about heated topics in PR. Students at various universities and colleges around the world are now networking with corporate businesses and getting their feet wet with elite and even possible employers. New, small business can put their name out there and be recognized. Blogging is slowly becoming the new ‘Starbucks’ of the communication world.

Vince said...

I am a passive blogger. I read and make comments. There are two important ideas embedded in pr blogs that I haven't seen yet in your bloggs. First, they are "social media". Second, the users constitute a community.

I would pose a couple of questions if you do not mind. First, how are the blogs you are reading different from other social media that you use, such as face book? Second, how did you find the blogs you have read? I am interested in understanding how social media communities originate and devlop over time.

Congratulations on your initial efforts.

Vince Hazleton

Jessica Jackson said...

When I first heard the word blog, a personal website for opinion postings is not what came to mind. I thought I could reason a decent definition by describing some sort of small reptile or a form of silly putty; however, I soon realized that blogs are on online form of mass communication used by large corporations and individuals alike to achieve a world of desired results.

In the public relations business, where chasing after constantly moving targets is a daily chore, Blogging has become an undeniable and irreplaceable tool. PR relies on the opinions of the public to operate, and blogs consist of just that, public opinions.

Diana said...

The Social Epidemic - Blogging

From to, online journals known simply as "blogs" have become a popular communication channel for people globally. At 15, I remember signing up for a blog and journaling my daily activities. It became an obsession. Who is dating who? What's the latest clothing trend? Why does math have to be so hard? Once the "cool" thing connecting teenage communities, blogging has hit a tipping point. Today, not only are teenagers blogging, so are middle-aged professionals on subjects ranging from knitting to politics.

Jeremy said...

It's too bad you guys didn't do this on - it would have been a nice addition to the student blogs there, and that way they would have been aggregated in one place for people to read.

Have you thought of setting up a Blogdigger group with all the students blogs?

Prof. Flournoy said...

Jeremy, where were you when I was trying to wade through all the convoluted instructions for setting up Blogs. I went with Blogger because of the ease in setup. But we're evolving and open to suggestions. If you will email me, I would love to learn how to set up the Blogdigger group you mentioned. My emai: Thanks

Robert said...

Hello Nina, I noticed your comment in and wanted to come over and invite all of your students to join in the conversations there, too.

Marcomblog was established as a form of online mentoring for my students at Auburn University over a year ago. We welcome any and all visitors, but especially appreciate students.

Participants in Marcomblog come from the U.S. and Europe. There, 10 PR / Marcom professionals from around the world interact with my students (and yours too, if you wish) on issues of communication. We have practitioners from a wide variety of PR and PR technology firms.

Our activities there, and in other class blogs, have led students to internships and jobs already. I invite your students to join in the conversations and networking.

All the best.

Dee Rambeau said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere fellow Ponies. As a member of the 1980 graduating class, I'm thrilled to see how far communications technology has come.

I hope to comment and contribute from time to time to your collective blogs. I've been posting regularly to Auburn's MarcomBlog and I think that their students are entering the workforce with a skill set that is far advanced over even veteran practitioners.

Good luck blogging!

Dee Rambeau
SMU Cox School of Business '80

Prof. Flournoy said...

Good to hear from you, Dee. We'd appreciate your comments. Thanks for the vote of confidence.