Thursday, February 09, 2006

Let's Get This Party Started

Did you ever throw a party and were afraid nobody would show up? Me neither. But when we started this blog last month, I was concerned our invitations for communication professionals to join our online conversation might result in a no-show. Hardly. Folks are poking into our blog both by invitation and by chance. We've had positive responses and tips from a handful of "real world" pros who salute what our class is doing this semester.

Check out the resounding support we're getting at in the February 08, 2006 post entitled: "Mentors move in; SMU opens up a can of new student bloggers."

In addition to comments and tips posted on the main class site, several of the individual student blogs have received blog comments from professional observers. This is testimony to the great work these CCPA students are doing.

Keep up the good work, CCPA students. And keep blogging us, PR Pros. Your input is invaluable and much appreciated.

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