Friday, January 26, 2007

Generating Buzz

I asked students to browse the Internet to find examples of unique, quirky or wildly successful ways PR or Marketing practitioners have generated buzz for their clients. Students will post their findings on their blog site (Student blog links are listed in the column to the right of this page). We invite communication pros. to share your tips or examples for creating Buzz. Leave your comments in this posting, but be sure to check student blogs to see what they have to say on the subject.
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Welcome to Advanced Communication Skills

Put on your sunglasses. The future of corporate communications is bright, even blinding. Students in this Advance Communications Skills class will spend this semester exploring new strategies and tactics being used in professional communications. Forward thinking communication professionals understand that the Internet is constantly changing the way we give and receive information. Consumers now access media, information and entertainment in a variety of ways--anytime, anywhere. In this hypercompetitive public relations marketplace, today’s practitioners must have some working knowledge of the technology that is changing the business of communication.

So this semester, we’ll examine the impact of blogs, podcasting, and RSS feeds. Students will also become familiar with the best practices in corporate communications. We will do this by using our student blogs to invite the professional PR community to contribute their insights on our class blogsite.

To get started, each student must post a comment here regarding your overall impression of blogging. Do this AFTER you have browsed the recommended blog sites and have read the blog articles assigned in class. Be sure to sign your name to your comment. Next, each student will build a personal blog site throughout the semester. But more on that in class.
--Professor Flournoy