Monday, January 07, 2008

Taking Root

It's not an orignial notion, but it is still fresh: working in corporate communication is about networking, establishing a strong root system in order to grow. That' what students in this Communication, Technology and Globalization class will be doing this semester. Students will branch out, make connections and explore new strategies and tactics being used in professional communications. Forward thinking communication professionals understand that the Internet is constantly changing the way we give and receive information. Consumers now access media, information and entertainment in a variety of ways, at a moment's notice — anytime, anywhere. In this hypercompetitive global marketplace, communication students must learn to navigate in a rapidly changing, complex web of information exchange. Getting your message out there has never been so instant and so complicated.

So this semester, we’ll examine the latest trends in communication technology, beginning with blogs. We'll use the blog format as a forum for discussing current best practices in corporate communications. We will do this by using our student blogs to invite the professional PR community to contribute their insights on our class blogsite. By doing this, we hope to put down roots, create mentor relationships, and open up frank, informative dialog.

To get started, each student is invited to post a comment here describing your goals for the class this semester. But first, browse the blog links on this site to get familiar with ideas that fellow communication students and professionals are discussing in the blogosphere. Be sure to sign your name to your comment. Next, each student will build a personal blog site. But more on that in class.
--Professor Flournoy