Friday, April 13, 2007

Look-Look at the New Entrepreneurs

This week SMU Advanced Comm. Skills students are hard at work finishing up their research
on a trend challenge presented to them by California trend-tracking company Look-Look.
According to the executives at Look-Look, young people (who they define as 19 to 35
years old) are redefining their career values and creating new paths for their work life.

Today's youth are moving away from the old definitions of success held by previous
generations. This shift has kicked-off a surge of young entrepreneurs who are striking
out on their own, developing new business models, launching independent ventures.
Look-Look calls this current breed the “New Entrepreneur.”

To examine this trend, the Look-Look folks have asked our class to research the SMU
community — current students and those who have graduated in the last five to 10
years — to find out if the new entrepreneur trend is showing up at SMU, and in what ways.
In addition to conducting independent interviews with SMU students and alums who fit
the model of the “New Entrepreneur," students in this class are researching the affects
this trend is having or will have on all types of businesses — retail, manufacturing,
technology, health and beauty, service industries, entertainment and fashion.

To read their independent findings, click on their individual blog links to the right
of this page to access their blog entries.

Feel free to leave your comments.

And thank you, Look-Look, for giving students an opportunity
to work on a real-world project.

--Professor Flournoy