Sunday, January 29, 2006

Week 3

Monday I want everyone to post a blog on the ten talking points in corporate communications and PR you were asked to round up for discussion.

Also, go to at least five blog sites of your classmates and blog a comment on their "talking points" blog--providing observations and comments about this blog topic. Try to blog students who have not yet been blogged.

Note: You should have already posted a blog on your overall impression of blogging on the main class blog site. (See Blogging 101 in the archives here if you've forgotten this request.)

Wed. you will work in the lab on the first topics assignment, which must be posted Friday morning to get full credit.

Fri. we will discuss your blog papers and begin discussing your next topic assignment. We will also attempt to get everyone in gear on your communication professional interview/overview assignment.

I'm pleased to report that everyone is getting the hang of blogging more quickly than I expected. I like the way some of you are personalizing your site by bringing out your specific interests in the field of communication. Keep up the good work.

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