Sunday, January 22, 2006

Communication Strategies

Week 2:
Hope everyone is getting the hang of blogging. This week you should be browsing various blog sites to get a feel for ways communication professionals are using blogs in their work. You will then write a paper (see your syllabus under Writing Assignments/Topics) addressing your observations about blogs as a PR tool. You can paste your completed paper as a post on your blog, being sure to file your paper according to the deadline, as discussed in class. You will then write a one to two paragraph overview of your paper topic on the class blog site (here). Remember to sign your name at the end of your comments.
If you have not yet managed to get your blog up and running, talk to me in class.
--Prof. Flournoy

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Wes said...

Prof. Flournoy,

I am a student at Auburn University and my professor Robert French has us blogging every week as well. I think it is a great thing that you are doing for your students. I would imagine your students were like us. We did not understand blogging and why it was important to us. I didn't understand it and it sounded like something I would never need/use. Well, I am just four weeks into blogging and I can already tell that blogging has helped me in my field. If your students had any doubts maybe they have lost them as well. Good luck to you and your students.